Private Coaching for Shy Dogs

Which statement best describes the reason you are scheduling a Private Session with your shy dog?

We ask this so that we can offer to schedule you with the most qualified Trainer for your particular circumstance and needs. There is no difference in price between these two options.

I want help building my dog’s confidence in new environments, and around scary sights, sounds, and people. I want to learn how to handle situations where my dog is afraid, and I want to understand how to help my dog feel better and bolder.

My dog is nervous in new and busy environments. I am concerned that group class will be too overwhelming. I would like to do some manners  training with my dog without the distraction and pressure of all those sights and sounds. I am not looking to address the shyness right now, I just want to be able to train some new behaviors in a more peaceful environment.

About Private Training

Private Training is held at PosiDog Canine Learning Center. The fee is $75 for each 45 minute session.  You will bring your puppy to each session, along with a regular leash and collar or harness, some tasty treats/favorite toys, and your questions.  All members of the family are welcome to attend.

We occasionally offer in-home training for current clients when the need arises. The fee schedule for in-home training is different and partly based on location.