Preparing for nose work trials; different odors and elements
Independence, distraction, discrimination, indication, containers, commitment
3 Weeks

To a large extent, dogs ‘see’ the world through their noses. Your dog is already an expert sniffer dog: this class will teach you how to develop and direct that natural ability and have fun with your dog at the same time. A strong foundation and correct introduction to odor will have you and your best friend off to a great start. Whether you want to compete or not, you will be amazed at your dog’s ability to use his nose! You’ll help your dog build working stamina and problem solving skills. The methods used in class are drawn from narcotic, cadaver, and other scent detection disciplines. The odor used in class is Sweet Birch, which is used in the first level by most US nosework organizations. (If you have interest in training a particular and different odor, and can provide samples, please contact us before signing up for approval.)

Dogs are worked in teams of two (one works while one rests, taking turns). Dogs registering for Scent Class should be able to rest quietly in their crate or on a mat behind a barrier while their partner is working.


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