The next step in Family Dog Manners
Manners class for friendly family dogs
12 Weeks

Off Leash Control. Distance Work
Activities in Off Leash Control include sending your dog in a specific direction, recalls, changing positions at a distance, and off leash walking.

Distractions & Challenges. Perfecting Known Behaviors
This module focuses on improving your polite greetings, recalls, stays, and walking skills. Dogs will be challenged with harder and varied distractions, learn to go longer between rewards, and to be able to continue working as rewards are faded out.

Canine Good Citizen. Test Prep
This class will give structured practice and training to help with the training and handler skills needed to take and pass the Canine Good Citizen test.

Real Life Prep. Polite in Public
Whether walking in a crowd, passing strangers on the sidewalk, settling on the patio of your favorite restaurant, this class will help your dog learn the manners needed to succeed while out and about.


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