Puppy Topics

$30 per workshop

A different single workshop topic each week.
Each workshop is 1 hour.
For puppies younger than 6 months.

Take a deeper dive into some of the most
important puppy skills and concepts.

Best Beginning Puppies do not need to register or pay separately for these workshops.  Current puppy class Clients can apply sessions from their Puppy 6-Pack, 10-Pack, and 123-Complete. Just show up!

Saturday, March 6, @ 11:30 am
Tooth & Nail: Vet Prep & Grooming
REGISTER: Tooth & Nail: Vet Prep & Grooming

Wednesday, March 10, @ 8:00 pm
Dealing w/ Distractions
REGISTER: Dealing w/ Distractions

Saturday, March 13, @ 11:30 am
Come When Called
REGISTER: Come When Called

Wednesday, March 17, @ 8:00 pm
Polite Greetings w/ People & Dogs
REGISTER: Polite Greetings w/ People & Dogs

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