Private Coaching for Sport Dogs

Which statement best describes the reason you are scheduling a Private Session with your Sport Dog?

We ask this so that we can offer to schedule you with the most qualified Trainer for your particular circumstance and needs. There is no difference in price between these options.

I want help with general sport foundations, especially developing better reward rituals, motivation, and self control with my sport dog. I would like to learn to play better with my sport dog.

I’m training for a traditional Obedience sport like AKC competition obedience, Rally-O. I would like help learning the sport, training and fine tuning the exercises, and with handling and trial prep.

I am training to compete in nosework, and I would like help developing a strong indication, with trial set-ups and scenerios, and with problem solving nosework challenges.

I am training to compete in Mondio Obedience, and I would like help learning the sport, teaching the exercises, setting up trial-like scenerios, practicing horns and handling, and with trial prep.

About Private Training

Private Training is held at PosiDog Canine Learning Center. The fee is $75 for each 45 minute session.  You will bring your sport dog to each session, along with a regular leash and collar or harness, some tasty treats/favorite toys, and your questions.