Being prepared and on time for class can help you feel on top of things and ready to tackle the challenges ahead. That being said, if you have forgotten something, don’t be shy. Let us know what you are missing and if we have what you need we will be happy to loan it.

What to bring to class

Essential Items

Comfortable Collar & Leash: Flat buckle collar, harness, or head-halter. Four-, five-, or six-foot leash (no flexi-leads, please). We recommend the Freedom brand Front Attachment harness for strong pullers.

Tasty Treats (and something to carry them in): What works to get your dog’s attention at home might not work in the distraction of a new space with lots of strange people and dogs. Make sure to bring a variety of delicious (and tiny) tidbits. Cooked steak, chicken or fish; canned dog food; string cheese chopped tiny; etc

Vaccination Records: All dogs and puppies must be up to date on inoculations against distemper, adenovirus, and parvovirus, and be under the care of a veterinarian. If you did not upload your vaccination record at the time of registration, be sure to bring a paper or digital copy for us to look at to your first class.

Additional Helpful Items

Chew Toy: If your dog would be more comfortable during down time with a chew toy, by all means bring one. In Puppy Class, we have Kongs(tm) stuffed with canned dog food for the puppies to settle with

Tug Toy: If your dog likes to tug or chase, this can be a great reward for good behavior. Bring a favorite tuggy with you for a really great reinforcer. No squeakies please.

Comfortable Attire: Wear clothes and shoes that you are comfortable moving around in. Prepare to be active!

A Hungry Dog: Most dogs do better in training if they are hungry. For many dogs, this means skipping the meal before class. For young puppies and dogs with some conditions skipping meals is not recommended. Don’t feed your dog or puppy right before class. Check with your veterinarian before skipping meals.

Settle Mat: Please bring a mat to all Family Dog Skill Series and Teamwork Training games lessons (and any class if you think it would help your dog). A towel, kitchen mat, or small dog bed will work.

The Whole Family: There is room for all interested household members. Very small children should have a second adult present.